For the company staff
  • Respect work rules
  • Practice good conduct and values defined in our company
  • Take care of company property, work areas and furniture
  • Do not steal, nor do any act that violates the law
  • No dissemination of confidential information
  • Honesty in the development and transmission of information
For the company with its suppliers
  • Enforcing contracts or agreements between the parties
  • Meet government regulations
  • Application of our values in relation with suppliers
  • Do not accept damaged material
  • No dissemination of confidential information
For companies with customers
  • Respect for contracts between two parties
  • Providing good service, good conduct and disseminate manage our values
  • Honesty in the information disseminated and transactions
  • Provide equitable treatment
For the company with its staff
  • Listen and respect opinions or suggestions
  • Deal fairly and equitably in the fruits of the work done
  • Maintain a respectful
  • Intervene on behalf of staff in case of injustice
  • Give credit to the staff for achievements in business benefit
  • Share knowledge with staff training them continuously
  • Respecting traditions, customs, religion and culture